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Are any of these your animal?

Please Contact us at 334-756-9377 

If one of these animals is yours, please call 334-756-9377 to let us know.

You will need to get a release form from the city it was picked up in and bring it to us, before you are able to get your animal back.


Release form locations:

Valley- City Hall

Lanett-Police Department

Lafayette-City Hall

What to do if you have found an animal

Please note: Chattahoochee Humane Society only services Chambers County you must prove residency or found location.

If you have found a stray animal, we suggest first trying to find it's owner. You can do so by creating a post on Facebook and sharing it in the lost and found groups, checking on Petco LoveLost, making a flyer, talking to neighbors or asking someone for help doing these things.


If you still require assistance, you will have to contact the appropriate organization. 

We do NOT pick up animals

Valley Animal Control- 334-756-5200

Lanett Animal Control- 334-576-0914

Lafayette Animal Control- 334-864-2211

Chambers County Sheriff's Office 334-576-0914

Lee County Animal Control- 334-737-7013​

If you still require more assistance, please check for resources on our get pet help page​

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