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Have you Lost or Found a Pet?

Check our Found Pets Page

Try searching on Petco Love Lost Site

Need to surrender your pet?
We are by appointment only. To call and schedule an appointment please call 334-756-9377
Please Note that we are at MAXIMUM capacity and are currently scheduling a month or more out.
Before Surrendering Your Pet
Please consider these alternatives to surrendering your pet to the shelter. With the following tools, you can rehome your pet without it ever having to experience the stress of shelter life, which can be very difficult for an animal used to living in a home.
  • Place your pet with someone you know

  • Use social media to get the word out. Be sure to ask for references before allowing someone to adopt your pet

  • Visit Rehome. Rehome is a simple and free tool to help you find your pet a forever home. You will upload information about the pet, review applications, and finalize an adoption - all without the pet having to enter the shelter.

  • Search for breed-specific rescues

Need help with Spay/Neuter?
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